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Travelers Weigh In On Which City Has The Best Brunch Scene 

I think we can all agree: brunch is an absolutely elite meal.

It occupies that sweet spot between breakfast and lunch where you can enjoy the best of both worlds from a culinary standpoint, and it’s perfectly acceptable to day drink. 

The only thing up for debate is which city can lay claim to the best brunch scene.That was the question on social media, and it’s safe to say people had feelings about their faves.      

Here are those that made the cut.


Southern food is typically top tier so it was no surprise to see Atlanta on this list. If you’re in the area, be sure to check out The Breakfast Boys, billed as an elevated dining experience.

Washington, DC

We dare anyone to name a city that brunches harder. It’s a full lifestyle here. You can go to brunch & literally leave at dinner time. It’s an all-day affair, literally like a marathon.


The South runs brunch. Don’t debate us on that. So, when you visit Houston it’s only right that you explore the city’s food and brunch scene.


Everything is bigger in Texas, so you know they had to come through with two cities on this list. Also, where else can you get a pancake pot pie?

Los Angeles

Put some respect on the city of angels. Between their healthy eating trends and innovative cuisine, the city has tons of options to satisfy every palate.

Need the specifics on where to brunch in these cities?

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