10 Cities Where Black Americans Are More Successful

A 2021 survey conducted by Smart Asset revealed 10 cities where Black Americans fare best economically in the United States. 

The study compared 129 cities across 6 metrics: median Black household income, homeownership rate, lack labor force participation rate, percentage of adults with a bachelor’s degree & business owners.

Six of the top 10 cities are located in Texas, Florida, and North Carolina. Here are the rest.

Virginia Beach ranks in the top 10 cities for 4/6 metrics considered.It has the 7th highest median Black household income and the sixth-highest 2019 Black labor force participation rate.

Virginia Beach

Grand Prairie, Texas ties with Virginia Beach as the city where Black Americans fare best economically. The city ranks 6th & 10th out of 129 for those two metrics, respectively.

Grand Prairie, Texas

Aurora’s Black labor force participation rate is 73.5%, ranking 15th overall for this metric. More than 29% of Black residents have their bachelor’s degree, ranking 26th overall.

 Aurora, Illinois

Florida’s Pembroke Pines ties for the No. 3 spot. The city has the second-highest Black homeownership rate – 60.20% – and the sixth-lowest 2019 Black poverty rate – 10.6%

Pembroke Pines, Florida

The Black homeownership rate in Miramar is the highest in the study, at 68.07%. This is about 26% higher than the 2019 national Black homeownership rate, which is approximately 42%.

Miramar, Florida

More than 30% of adults have their bachelor’s degree & almost 4% of businesses in the metro area are Black-owned – both of which rank within the top 25.

Charlotte, North Carolina

The city has the 11th-highest Black labor force rate at 75.8%. It also ranks in the top 15 for its median Black household income & the percentage of Black adults with a bachelor’s degree

Garland, Texas

Durham takes the 8th spot on the list. The city ranks particularly well for its percentage of Black adults with a bachelor’s degree & percentage of Black-owned businesses.

Durham, North Carolina

Enterprise had the 5th highest Black labor force participation rate, the 16th highest median Black household income & the 23rd best Black homeownership rate of all 129 cities.

Enterprise, Nevada

The median household income for Black residents in Elk Grove, California is about  $76,300, the second-highest in the study.

Elk Grove, California

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