15 Things To Consider Before Traveling To The Maldives

The Maldives has always been touted as a dream destination. If you decide to take the over-the-top approach to traveling there, it can also be an affordable place to visit if you want it to be. 

We often see the photos of the overwater bungalows or even underwater restaurants, but what else do you know about the country? 

There’s so much more to The Maldives than some social media pages present, and we want to equip you with some tips and facts before you begin your planning to the breathtaking destination.

So, if The Maldives is on your list, or you have plans for a do-over, here are some things to consider before you head out.

These islands were solely built up to host travelers and guests, and most times locals/natives do not live on the islands.

Most resorts are on private islands

There are certain rules that apply on the non-private islands. One of the main ones being that alcohol is not sold or consumed in areas where locals live.

It's a Muslim country so there are rules

Less than a decade ago the local islands began development for tourism. What this means for travelers is many of the hotels are new and modern. 

Tourism on local islands is fairly still new

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, flight prices from major cities have been hovering in the $600-$700 range on Emirates, which is one of the world’s best airlines.

US flights have been kinda cheap lately

Instead of shelling out the $400+ a night on the rooms, buy a day pass from your local island hotel for as low as $90 to visit the private islands.

You can buy day passes to see overwater bungalows 

At Ithaa Underwater Restaurant, one of the more popular ones, you will have to dine barefoot. So, if you don’t like the sight of feet, you may want to pass.

About the underwater restaurants...

It’s unlikely you’ll ever encounter snow in the Maldives, but rain showers are very possible. And like most tropical places, the rain can be very unpredictable. 

The weather is unpredictable

It’s a country of islands, so naturally there’s water everywhere. This means in order to get from island to island, you’ll either need to take a boat or a seaplane.

Transportation between islands...

When booking flights, be sure to type in Male as the city. This is where the country’s airport is located. There isn’t much more on the main island though.

The main island in Male

Yes, you read that right. However, only about 200 of them have been developed to receive people.

There are technically over 1,200 islands in the country

Being on a private island is super dope. But keep in mind that once you’re there, there won’t be much opportunity to island hop beyond where you are.

Once you're on a private island, you're kinda stuck

The average price for an excursion in Maafushi is $25. That can even include a lunch for some sandbank visits.

Excursions are cheap on local islands

The Maldives is a place for all types of travelers from solo to girls trips— you don’t have to just wait to go with your significant other.

It's not just a honeymoon destination

You won’t have to worry about exchanging currency. Most of the country excepts US dollars and other major currencies like the pound or Euros in shops and restaurants.

They accept U.S. dollars

The native people are BEAUTIFUL

Once you get there, you’ll see what we mean!