Meet The British Woman Creating Waterproof Scarves For Black Swimmers

A black woman from London is trying to break barriers in aquatics by solving the dilemma of swimming pools and their chemical damage to hair.

Danielle Obe, from London says she was inspired to create Nemes after her daughter began to dread going to the pool. She herself gave up swimming for nearly fearing that she would damage her hair. 

“Getting into any type of aquatic activity then was a huge no-no. I couldn’t go swimming in the evening after work. If I did, how would I turn up for client meetings the next morning?” she stated.

As for her daughter, Kayla, Obe said she would scream after getting her hair washed after swimming because the hates getting soap in her eyes.

“One day I promised her we would work together to create something that protected her hair,” Obe said. 

She created a stylish headscarf made from the same waterproof material used to make the standard swim cap and based on ancient Egyptian designs that will protect all hair types in the water.

What makes Nemes headagear different is that it can be used in the shower, spa, rain, beach, water park or to condition and re-hydrate your hair – making it a staple for any closet.

“Chlorine dries hair, causing frizz & breakage if not thoroughly washed and conditioned,” said Obe.

In addition, Danielle has joined a partnership to also launch the Black Swimming Association.

The charity aims to encourage more people of color to go swimming after figures from Sport England revealed that 95% of black adults and 80% of black children do not go swimming. 

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