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 These Gorgeous French Islands


France is often at or near the top of every traveler’s bucket list. It’s renowned for its glamorous cities like Paris, the history, art, wine, and of course the mouthwatering French gastronomy. 

But amid the waves of the Pacific, Indian, and the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Caribbean Sea, are the French islands that form part of the French Overseas Territories or Les Territoires d’Outre-mer.

So if you’re looking for strong food culture, glorious beaches, spectacular views, and a dash of elegance, don’t sleep on these islands.


Martinique is not big on all-inclusive resorts. In fact, there is only one. But that’s even more reason to get out and explore the French island in the southern part of the Caribbean.


Guadeloupe has something for every visitor profile. Whether youre into arts & culture or adventure, theres something for you. But Guadeloupe is also a foodie’s paradise. 

Saint Martin

The island boasts 37 beaches to suit your taste in aquatic activities: deep-sea diving, surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, or just lazing the day away on the sand.

La Réunion

Consider a helicopter tour for a stunning view of the Cirques (small villages) of Cilaos, Mafate, and Salazie as well as the azure blue lagoons.


This French-speaking Caribbean island popularly called St. Barts, is a luxury destination that attracts high-end clientele. The white-sand beaches and tropical coves are perfect.

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