How To Host The Perfect Virtual Holiday Party According To This Celeb Stylist

Celeb stylist Jason Bolden and his partner, interior designer Adair Curtis, are dishing on how to do your virtual gatherings the right way.

Decorating your space
Curtis knows a thing or two about bringing life to a space. He also knows how to set the mood for any occasion.
“One very important element to a successful gathering is the lighting, Curtis says.
He suggests playing with candle holders of different heights to bring even more drama to your room.
Creating the perfect ‘fit’
If you were attending a holiday gathering, you'd get super fly. Although you’re on a computer, dressing up is a confidence booster.
“A statement silk can also double as a pocket scarf or headband,” bolden says.
If you don’t want go all out, get cute from the waist up. just don’t forget to accessorize.
The perfect holiday drinks
Make sure your bar is fully stocked, to ensure you have an amazing night.
“A soiree is never complete without an elevated cocktail. Our fave is the Grand 75, and the proper barware to  serve.”
the possibilities are endless on the types of cocktails you can create for your at-home.

We hope these tips were helpful as you plan your upcoming holiday events.

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