6 American Alternatives To Popular European Destinations

 A trip to Europe is always a great travel idea, but if your aspirations far exceed your budget, you can experience the European flair right here in America if you know where to look. 

If you love Lisbon, Portugal...
go to San Francisco, California

San Francisco and Lisbon have many things in common including great local seafood, cable cars, and iconic bridges, and they both have a welcoming vibe that any traveler can appreciate.

If you love Paris, France,
go to New Orleans, Louisiana

France meets the American South in New Orleans, a city that is famous for its stunning architecture, Cajun and Creole cuisine, live music, and world-class art. 

If you love Copenhagen, Denmark
go to Solvang, California

From an iconic windmill and traditional Danish architecture to restaurants serving aebleskiver, a pancake ball native to Denmark, a trip to Solvang is like being in Europe without ever leaving California.

If you love Rome, Italy,
go to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly might not have its own version of the Colosseum, but if you want to marvel in an American city with a rich history and well-preserved architecture, this is the place to start. 

If you love the Greek Isles,
go to Tarpon Springs, Florida

A trip to this beach town offers the style of Greece without the price tag. The countless Greek restaurants will make you think you’re vacationing in the Mediterranean.

If you love Dublin, Ireland
go to Boston, Massachusetts

Boston looks and feels a lot like Dublin, so if you want to cozy up in a pub or wander through charming streets with cobblestone roads, Boston is a wallet-friendly alternative.

Centuries of immigration and inspiration from countries across Europe have helped to give some American cities a distinctive look and feel that stems from overseas.

So stash the passport and head to these stateside destinations if you want an American travel experience that can make you feel like you’re in Europe!