Plan A Trip Based On Your Partner's Zodiac Sign


Planning a couples trip can be daunting.  Taking someone else needs  and interests into account can often make the planning process a tad more difficult. 

If you are having a hard time deciding on the location, it might be best to trust the stars.
Here are some suggestions based on Zodiac signs.

Their impulsive nature means you don’t have to plan too many activities, the adventure of being out in nature and exploring new terrain should be enough.

Try a desert getaway


This Venus ruled earth sign is often known as the hardest-working sign in the Zodiac, so getting your partner to take some time off may be a feat in itself. 

Tempt them with a tropical getaway 


Ever the optimist, your Gemini will be thrilled to venture around Mt. Cayambe, Ecuador or Quebec, Canada during the winter months. 

trip to a cooler climate


Cancers are intuitive to the point of practically being psychic. Visiting Macchu Picchu or The Dead Sea in Israel would deeply satisfy their emotional and creative intelligence

spiritual journey


A fire sign ruled by the sun, Leos are bold and courageous. Take your Leo on a to see the pyramids in Egypt or venture through the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. 

desert getaway


An earth sign ruled by Mercury, your lovable Virgo will be eager to plan this getaway with you. Take your Virgo to explore the mountains of Patagonia, Chile or Lake Placid, New York. 

nature lover


It may take some convincing to get your Libra to indulge since they are known for putting other people first. Try Palm Springs, California or Key West, Florida. 

budget-friendly getaway


Scorpios love to make a statement. A bold getaway like Alcatraz in San Francisco or the Great Pyramid of Giza will deeply satisfy your Scorpio. 

history and mystery 


Sagittarius love to explore destinations. Fuel their imagination and adventurous spirit with a trip to The Galápagos Islands in Ecuador or Easter Island, Chile.

off the beaten path 


An earth sign ruled by Saturn, your Capricorn may be stubborn. Mount Whitney, California or Mount Fuji, Japan will offer all of the stimulus they are craving.

physical & mental challenge


Aquarians are truth seekers and humanitarians at heart. Try Envision Festival in Uvita Costa Rica for “a celebration dedicated to awakening our human potential”. 

spiritual getaway


Your sensitive Pisces has a similar ideology to Aquarius. Envision Festival or AfrikaBurn could be just what their soul is craving. 

quest for self-expression


Align your chakras and plan your getaway today