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So, You Want To Be A Travel Influencer? Here's How To Get Started

We are living in the age of the travel influencer, people who get paid money to travel to various destinations and post about it. Travel influencing has become vital for brands and tourism boards because of its impact and reach.  It takes dedication, consistency, and passion to become a travel influencer, but there are other pieces to the puzzle.

Be Authentic 

Start branding yourself as the type of traveler you are in real life. Whatever kind of traveler you are, there are people who can learn from you.


Build Your Audience

Focus on building an audience that engages with your content. Respond to DMs and those who comment on your photos.


Learn Your Audience

Figure out what your audience likes and know when to post. This makes it easier to plan your content going forward. 


Put Yourself Out There

Don’t be scared to pitch to brands you want to work with. Remember to be concise, respectful, and show them what you bring to the table. 


Do Your Best When Working With Brands

This is a job, so put your best foot forward. If you do well enough, the brand will use you in their next campaign. 


Have Fun

Too often we put too much thought into things and end up resenting them. Being a travel influencer is hard work but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun. 

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