These U.S. Cities Ranked Among The World's Top Party Cities

While the pandemic had us stuck indoors many people missed being able to go out and experience the party life in nightclubs, bars, and casinos.

In light of “outside” opening up more & more, put together a list of the best party cities in the world, and half of the top ten are right here in the United States.

With international travel remaining complicated, it’s a better time than ever to explore your own backyard.

Consider these party meccas for your next domestic leisure trip.

It comes as no surprise that Vegas earned the #1 spot, making it the world’s top party city. As a gambling & entertainment capital, partying is pretty much what Sin City has become known for.

Las Vegas

World renowned for its jazz music, amazing food, and blend of cultural influences, N.O. boasts a lively nightlife & party scene, with plenty of bar, club, and hotel options.

New Orleans

With a liberal and progressive culture, San Fran is one of the most dynamic cities & has a unique and vibrant nightlife scene. 

San Francisco

Live music is a huge part of the city’s nightlife culture and can be found everywhere. It is also home to plenty of clubs where DJs spin a variety of music genres.


Boston‘s party scene offers plenty of entertainment and ways to have fun. From casinos and trendy bars to affordable hotels and clubs of all types, Bean Town has something for everyone.


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