An Ode To Oxtail: Top Restaurants To Get Your Fix

Growing up oxtail was a delicacy that you could only find at certain restaurants or in your favorite West Indian relative’s kitchen. 

Fast forward to the present day; almost every restaurant has some variation of oxtail on the menu. Who can blame them?

Th fall-off-the-bone meat, combined with the flavors of the broth and spices, is easily one of the most tasty dishes you will ever have.

This is our ode to oxtail, and the best restaurants in the U.S. to fulfill your craving.

Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen
–Miami, Florida

The “Lik Yuh Fingas” oxtail made with carrots, butter beans, and topped with fried crispy onion strips will have you at Dukunoo’s before it even opens.

Fish N’ Ting
–Bronx, New York

their addition of oxtail into the Rasta Pasta, has definitely put them on the map. Recommendation: add a side of Festival to your meal.

Bridgetown Roti
–Los Angeles, California

This Roti shop has flipped the classic patty into a curry oxtail and peppers patty, making the marriage between the two an undeniable must-have. 

Dat Fire Jerk Chicken
Atlanta, Georgia

the traditional oxtail meal served with rice & peas and cabbage, will make you reconsider every time you visit. Recommendation: Grab a jerk chicken patty to go.

looking for your comfort food fix?

oxtail is the way to go!