An Ode To Jollof Rice: Top Restaurants To Get Your Fix

Jollof rice is a simple rice dish full of complex flavors, spice and love that you can taste in each bite. The dish originated in West Africa, and can be served on its own or with a meat dish.

Jollof is also a part of a long heated debate about which country actually makes the best Jollof— Ghana or Nigeria. 

Here are some of our favorite places to get the dish in the states.

Have some Jollof Rice and beef Suya at Café Songhai. 

Cafe Songhai – Atlanta

This Atlanta-based restaurant blends West African classics with new age elements.

Bukom Cafe was named after an iconic area in Accra, Ghana. This restaurant has been around since 1992. 

Bukom Cafe – Washington D.C

Accra in Harlem, is named after the popular city in Ghana. 

Accra – Harlem, New York City

Many people consider the Jollof the best in New York City.

They’re open for breakfast, lunch, dessert and everything in between. 

Jollof Rice King – Houston

Pair your favorite meat dish with Jollof rice, no matter the time.

Moji Restaurant prides itself on being fresh, authentic Nigerian cuisine. 

Moji African Restaurant – Miami

Moji is the largest West African restaurant in South Florida, and doubles as a nightclub.

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