An Ode To Ramen: Top Restaurants To Get The Best Ramen

Comfort food, like Ramen, is a weakness to most.

The Japanese noodle soup dish is made up of many ingredients such as Chinese wheat noodles, meat/fish-based broth, soy sauce or miso, with toppings such as sliced meat, a boiled egg, and scallions. 

Here are some restaurants with best ramen in the U.S.

KinNoTori stands out from the crowd from their broth alone. Instead of a pork broth they use a homemade chicken broth.

KinNoTori Ramen – Atlanta, GA

Menya Jiro has been named the best Ramen in the city for years. The secret? They get all of their ingredients shipped from Japan for a true authentic taste. 

Menya Jiro – New York City, NY

Hinodeya Ramen Bar has made a name for itself off of one recipe alone, the famous creamy ramen. A twist on the classic ramen broth with a touch of coconut milk.

Hinodeya Ramen Bar – San Fran, Ca

Is spicy ramen your thing? Then Tonchin NYC is the place for you, the specialize in making classic ramen with a touch on spice and smoke in every dish.

Tonchin NYC – New York City, NY

When you think of Nashville you probably don’t think of Ramen. However, Otaku Ramen has created a modern twist with ramen by combining some southern flare.

Otaku Ramen – Nashville, TN

I hope you like waiting in line (we promise it’s worth it). This ramen bar, which is open until 2am, is a crowd favorite in L.A. 

Tsujita LA – Los Angeles, CA

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