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These Are America's 12 Favorite AirBnB

When it comes to Latin America, AirBnB has the market covered.

With unique homes throughout the greater Caribbean, booking with AirBnB is more than hotel alternative. It’s an outright experience.

These countries lead the way in AirBnB bookings.

San Juan

It’s affordable & Americans don’t need a passport to travel there. Those factors make Puerto Rico the most desirable location in Latin America to book. 

Santo Domingo

Imagine staying in your own beachfront condominium with a jacuzzi in the heart of the Dominican Republic for only $93/night! 


Tulum has exploded in popularity thanks to the pandemic so the prices for the average AirBnB have climbed as well. You can also have a unique “glamping” experience.


Cancun has become a popular vacation spot for couples and families. Condos right in the heart of the hotel district, overlooking the Caribbean Sea, and can be booked for just $95/night.

Mexico City

If it’s city life you prefer, you’ll love booking an AirBnB in the heart of Juarez, Mexico City — which is also the fifth-most popular city in Latin America for AirBnB travelers. 


Want to experience Exuma Cay — and swimming with the infamous pigs — without having to go to the Fyre Festival? 

Playa Del Carmen

AirBnB isn’t just for private homes. There’s a boutique hotel in Playa del Carmen — which goes for a super-affordable $34/night — also available on the site!

there are a few more hot spots on this list, head to travel noire to read up on them!