These Are The Top 5 Beaches Worth Seeing While Vacationing In Aruba

If taking IG photos with flamingos in Aruba isn't your thing, we wanted to share our picks for the area’s best beaches.

So sit back, grab a fruity drink, and relax to the sounds of the waves crashing at any of these 5 spots.

eagle beach


Hailed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, with calm, gentle waters, this beach is popular among tourists but less crowded than Palm Beach.

palm beach


Palm Beach is lined with many restaurants, as well as high-rise hotels and resorts, making it the busiest beach on the island.

Saventa Beach


This beach is lined with sea grapes and fofoti trees and there are several seafood restaurants in the area. Your only company, if any, may be a few locals or occasional fisherman.

Flamingo Beach


Located on the Renaissance Resort’s private island, this is the only place to see flamingos. You'll need to stay at the resort, schedule a spa treatment, or purchase a day pass.

Get your bathing suits ready!