Your Squad And Keeping The Peace


How often have you heard stories of a group of friends traveling together only to fall out before they even get back home?

The idea of traveling with your besties sounds great, but this is often the time you learn new things about each other that you may or may not like.

Although the stress of travel and the different personalities in the group can cause a clash, there are ways you can make sure you all have a good time and strengthen your bond.

Have A Mix Of Group Activities And Alone Time

Some members in your squad may live for travel where everything is planned while others love a bit of spontaneity and leisurely time.

It’s great to have a mix of both things to suit everyone in your group. Maybe do a few excursions together and then have a couple of free days for everyone to do as they please.

Keep A Routine

If you do yoga or journal every day while at home, then keep that same energy while traveling. This way, if conflict does arise, you’re able to handle it with more clarity.

Confront Issues Directly And Honestly

Defuse any conflict immediately by facing it head-on. If something or someone is getting on your last nerve, say it.

Never Forget Your Friendship

At the end of the day, you and your squad came on this trip because of friendship and love.

We all get annoyed sometimes but never forget the love you have for each other.

Make memories and forgive each other.