5 Of The World's Most Beautiful Blue Cities To Visit

Various shades of blue have different meanings, from freedom and depth to sincerity & royalty. For many travelers, it reminds us of the beautiful sea and sky we so adore.

There are several amazing azure-hued cities around the world, some you may not have heard of. These are the must-see blue cities on our list.


Charming & picturesque Chefchaouen is located in the Rif Mountains in northwestern Morocco. There are various theories attempting to explain the North African city’s color.



The blue domed churches are the primary icons of this Greek island. Instantly recognizable, they stand out among the stark white buildings, complimenting the crisp blue Aegean Sea.



Jodhpur is the second-largest city in India’s state of Rajasthan. The old part of the city is called Navchokiya, and this is where you’ll find a world of blue beauty.


La Aldea Azul is located in southern Spain. Originally painted white, Júzcar was turned blue in the  spring of 2011 by Sony España to celebrate the premiere of the Smurfs movie.

Sidi Bou Said

Less than an hour’s drive from the Tunisian capital is a picture-perfect town called Sidi Bou Said. The town is known for its cobbled streets, orange trees, and blue and white buildings.

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