5 Local Foods To Try In Haiti And The History Behind Them

Haitian meals are known for their bold flavors, intense spices, and of course fresh ingredients.

But it’s more than just a meal. Much of the food has some history behind its creation which makes it a culturally rich culinary experience.

Here are just a few of the bites to enhance your Haitian getaway.



This meal consists of pork which has been washed in citrus, marinated in a blend of spices, braised, and then fried. Griot with rice and beans is the national dish of Haiti.



If you enjoy fresh seafood, then you will love this conch meat. The resulting stew is chock-full of flavor thanks to the fresh herbs and spices, peppers, garlic, and onion.

Diri ak djon djon


Djon Djon is a black mushroom found in northern Haiti. The mushroom is soaked overnight to extract the black liquid that will give the rice its dark coloring.

Soup Joumou


This was a meal reserved solely for masters during slavery. It remains a symbol of liberation and continues to be served on Independence Day which also happens to be New Year’s Day.



The tangy dish is essentially veggies like carrots, onions, cucumbers, and shredded cabbage which have been thrown into a jar with vinegar, garlic, and onion to ferment.

Are you ready for some authentic Haitian cuisine?