The Filthiest Part Of Traveling Happens Before You Step On The Plane

If you’re like Naomi Campbell, who wipes down the airplane and seat trays with sanitizing wipes when she boards a flight, you may want to consider your cleansing ritual prior to stepping foot on the plane.

 It turns out that the airport itself is full of germs and the filthiest part can be found right in the TSA line.

A study revealed that the plastic trays at security checkpoints are the germiest things at the airport, carrying the highest count of bacteria.

 Researchers at Helsinki-Vantaa airport in Finland tested frequently touched surfaces to determine what caused respiratory viruses. It turns out, about 10% of what you touch at the airport is carrying a virus.

Other germy areas include cash registers at shops, rails at staircases and escalators, passport checking counters, children’s play areas, and in the air. 

Interestingly enough, no respiratory viruses were found on toilet surfaces. 

Want to stay healthy and avoid getting others sick? Carry hand sanitizer, wash your hands, and cough/sneeze into handkerchiefs, tissues or your sleeve at all times, especially in public places.

stay healthy and stay safe!