The Cheapest Countries To Comfortably Retire In, By Continent

We’re all working to get to a place when we can retire, kick back, and enjoy life to the fullest. 

Some of us are already doing just that, but if you are looking for a new place to enjoy life without breaking the bank— we wanted to share this list of the cheapest places to do so.

Bermuda came in as the most expensive country in the world to retire. You’ll need about $1 million to live your best retirement life on the island.

Here’s what they found across each continent.


Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, and North Africa are the cheapest countries with an average need of about $250k to live comfortably.


Pakistan and India will run you under $200,000. Several other West Asian countries follow close behind. Indonesia also tops the list for East Asia at $290,000.


Since it’s both a country and continent, there wasn’t much to compare. But, it will run you around $555,000 to retire comfortably in the land down under.


Georgia, Russia, and Ukraine take the top 3 spots for the cheapest European nations. The more popular countries will take about $400,000 or more for retirement living.

North America

To no surprise, Mexico is the cheapest North American country to settle down in. You’ll need just about $257,000 to do all the things you enjoy after you stop working.

South America

Colombia is the best place to move to after retirement. From delicious cuisine, Afro-Colombian culture, and stunning beaches— you’ll want to save around $215,500 to live there.

So, where do you think you will end up?