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6 Destinations

There are folks among us who thrive on the adrenaline rush and don’t know what fear is. They walk on the wild side and flirt with danger.

The strange sensation of the heart plummeting to the stomach is alluring to some. If you’re looking to incorporate skydiving into your next vacation, there’s no shortage of options to do it safely.

Ready to jump out of a plane? Here are seven destinations to do it.


Skydive Dubai coordinates tandem skydives either at the Palm Dropzone or the Desert Dropzone. The package includes photos and videos of your experience, which are sent to you within a few days.

New Zealand

Skydiving enthusiasts often gush about how much fun it is to jump out of a plane in New Zealand with its majestic landscape; snow capped mountains, lakes & beyond. 


Skydive Switzerland, which coins the hashtag #jumpthealps, can arrange for you to jump from a plane at 13,000 feet with an instructor. The flight time is 15 minutes total.

South Africa

If you’re a newbie, Skydive Cape Town offers introductory tandem skydives, allowing for amazing views of Cape Town, The West Coast, Robben Island, and Table Mountain.


Don’t feel like leaving The United States to get your thrill on? Check out Skydive Spaceland. A family company, there are other branches in Georgia and Florida.


In California, Skydive Monterey Bay boasts having the fastest jump plane, the Super King 200, which shoots 18,000 feet into the air in ten minutes.


Skydive Hawaii is the largest skydiving facility in the state. They take pride in their friendly staff, a team of instructors who will help ease the “first jump” nerves you’re bound to have.

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