Must-Try Outdoor Activities To Safely Enjoy The Spring Weather

Consistent warm weather is approaching and after the year we’ve had, many are looking for ways to enjoy the outdoors and beautiful weather while remaining safe.

Here’s a list of our favorite activities to get you outdoors this spring.

While this might seem like an activity only your dog might enjoy, ATL’s Piedmont Park and NYC’s Central Park have seating areas for dog & people watching.

Grab Your Four-Legged Friend For A Day Out

Warm weather is finally back which means the return of our favorite outdoor activity, outdoor yoga. Find your inner peace, reduce stress & soak up the sun all at the same time

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Let's Go Hiking

Hiking is the perfect way to social distance while also basking in the fresh air and nature all around you. Check out Sugarloaf Mountain in the DMV area.

Check out Orlando’s very own Adventures In Florida. On this kayaking experience you get to see Manatees in their natural habitat and they also offer kayaking lessons.

Kayak With Wildlife

If you want to enjoy the water and bask in the beauty of the ocean, rent a yacht in Miami, a sailboat in Maine, or even a hot tub boat in New York City for a day trip.

Be One With The Ocean

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