10 Safe And Welcoming 

Black travelers should always be cautious of the countries they visit when traveling internationally.

Certain cultural & social norms outside the United States may not make your experience enjoyable.

While racism and colorism is not escapable when you leave the US, there are many countries out there that are friendly towards Black expats and even welcome Black globetrotters.

Here are 10 countries that we’ve found to be safe, especially for Black men.

Ghana has always been welcoming of Black American travelers and travelers of the Diaspora. As a Black male, you can guarantee you will be treated like family in the West African nation.


Lisbon, Portugal is a hotspot for Black travelers. The colorful architecture and cobblestone roads are emblematic characteristics of Portugal’s breathtaking Atlantic seaside landscape.


Austria is an often looked over destination to travel to. It features vibrant villages and has a metropolitan capital, Vienna that is decorated with modern architecture and imperial traditions.


The Scandinavian country of Denmark has some of the happiest people in the world. It features uniquely designed houses similar to the gingerbread houses.


Scotland is safe for Black travelers within the not-so-welcoming countries of England. Travel Old Town, the traditional cuisines and establishments are hospitable for foreign travelers.


This Southeast Asian country welcomes many Black travelers. The exotic beaches and spas are great pampering activities that must be experienced before your departure.


Canada is known for being an extremely progressive country where safety and hospitality are always upheld by its natives. Toronto has a large Caribbean & African influence.


The US and Singapore have a great relationship and the locals are fond of tourists. The beautiful modern city landscapes & tasty cuisine are ideal for travelers who love large city adventures



Japan is a great country to visit and has superb traditions and sacred landmarks that are completely magical.


Black travelers will feel at home in Senegal with its vibrant culture, cuisine, and safari attractions. The city of Dakar is an Atlantic port where Senegalese people often go nightclubbing. 

gather your bros for a carefree journey!