5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Moving Your
Family Abroad

If you are planning a move abroad, you are probably feeling a range of emotions from excitement to fear. 

Take a moment to ask yourself a few questions to gain a clear picture of what you want for your family.

Set a timeline that works best for everyone. In the long run, your transition will be much smoother.

Is This The Best Timing For Our Family?

Living in a place is different from visiting. Talk to locals about their experience. Facebook and other online expat community forums are a great start. 

What Type Of Lifestyle Do We Want?

Have a plan for your children to keep in touch with those back home. It will make saying goodbye a little easier.

How Can We Maintain Our Relationships With Friends & Family Back Home?

It’s important to know you have a support network or Plan B. Have those conversations early and a plan in place to move back if necessary.

What’s Our Backup Plan?

Make sure you have a firm plan in place before making the big announcement. Allow older kids the opportunity to feel included in the discussion.

When Should We Tell Our Children?

Ready to make an international move?