The 7 Best Places To Add To Your Travel List In 2021

International borders to many countries are still closed, but according to travel planners, vacation bookings are on the rise. 

As more countries reopen, there will be new health and safety protocols in place. 

If you’re planning your trips for 2021, here are the 7 best destinations to add to your list:

Rwanda has been big on sustainable travel since 2005 and has handled the pandemic really well. Head to Kwitonda Lodge, located on the edge of Volcanoes National Park for an amazing experience. 


Kenya is another country handling the pandemic really well. With testing requirements and safety measure in place, Kenya is big on making its travelers feel safe. 


This Middle Eastern country was recently voted as the safest and richest country in the world. 


This North African country is great for travelers who love learning about the history and culture. You can trek through the Sahara desert or head to a seaside village.


Egypt reopened to Americans and is filled with bucket-list attractions. Head to the pyramids at Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. 


The Maldives allows travelers to be socially distant. With its strict COVID policies, you’ll be able to feel totally safe when visiting this beautiful destination. 

The maldives

Tahiti introduced a Common Cancellation Policy, which allows travelers to not feel penalized if their trip is canceled due to COVID-19.

The Islands Of Tahiti

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