7 Of The Most Instagrammable Locations In Cartagena, Colombia

The vibrant culture, stunning beaches, and architecture make Cartagena one of the most exciting places to explore and document on the gram.

Here are the 7 most Instgrammable locations that you don’t won’t to miss.

Abacus Books and Coffee


Abacus Books and Coffee offers a wide range of books but has become a place full of music, poetry, and the go-to bookstore for an Instagrammable picture.

Movich Hotels


The Movich Hotel is a gorgeous hotel located in the old city. It’s a favorite among visitors because it’s one of the best rooftops offering the best views of Cartagena.

Getsemani Street


There’s so much to love about Getsemani Street! It’s a festive area where you can take pictures of the amazing street art, great restaurants and cafés, and the infamous flags

Malagana Café & Bar


Malagana Café & Bar is not only Instaworthy, but it’s a great place for drinks and Caribbean food.

Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas


In 1984, UNESCO added the Historic Center of the city of Cartagena, its fortifications & the San Felipe de Barajas castle on the list of World Heritage Sites.

The Walled City


Among the most iconic fortifications of “La Heroíca”, the Walls of Cartagena are the most recognized. It was a project that lasted nearly two centuries and ended in 1796. 

Rosario Islands


Rosario Islands is an archipelago made up of a number of beautiful islands. The Isla Grande is the biggest and the most accessible one.

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