Looking To Impress? These Are The Perfect First Date Locations In Atlanta

To pick the perfect first date location, you need to ensure the vibe is romantic exciting, and that there’s something to keep the conversation going.

Atlanta has all of this, and it’s figured out how to turn almost any and every place, into a date night location.

Daytime dates call for outdoor activities. A stroll in Piedmont Park or mini-golf/ice staking on the Skyline Park rooftop is a sure way to secure a second date.

Daytime ideas

Another sure way to secure a second date is by visiting the Porsche Experience Center. Imagine test driving a Porsche while doing laps around a 1.6 mile off- road experience. Yes please!

What’s a first date without great convo over food & drinks? Get to know each other over Roasted Strawberry Cheesecake from Cooks & Soldiers or the Flat Iron Frites from The Whelan.

Anytime ideas

There’s also the option of stepping it up a little with a visit to DelBar, a restaurant that will surely make you feel as though you are in the Middle East, to try the Salmon Kabobs.

Want to make this date a memory neither one of you will forget? See all of downtown Atlanta from the SkyView Atlanta Ferris Wheel, and be amazed at the beauty of the skyline.

Nighttime ideas

 Opt for late-night drinks and hookah at Cru Lounge, or go for a late night game of bowling at Punch Bowl Social. 

Pandemic dating is possible in ATL! Go find your match.