This Pastor Built A Network To Combat Food Insecurity In His Community

For decades, the black church has been known to be a place where people can to get things they need.  Rev. Dr. Heber Brown III noticed members of Baltimore's Pleasant Hope Baptist Church weren’t getting the proper food needed to stay healthy.  Brown planted a garden in front of his church and saw his congregation grow in size each Sunday.
In 2015, he started the Black Church Food Security Network, a community-centered, food system supported by black churches and farmers. The goal of the BCFSN : provide affordable, healthy food options for the less fortunate.  Brown says the BCFSN helps to educate people on how spirituality and agriculture go together.  In the last few years, the network has grown tremendously to other churches in the Baltimore area. After church, Pleasant Hope and others host post-Sunday-service pop-up Soil to Sanctuary Community Markets.



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