Salute: These Men And Women Are The Newest Black Tastemakers Under 40

They are young, blazing trails, and very successful. Now, they are part of a distinguished group of Black tastemakers under 40 in the country, according to Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

We wanted to shout out this year’s Black tastemakers under 40. And, we hope to see more in 2022 pushing to diversify the drink industry.

A second-generation sommelier and restaurateur, André developed a passion for hospitality and wine education, while growing up around fine dining.

Philippe André

Tiquette Bramlett is deemed to be the first Black woman appointed to run a winery in a major U.S. wine region. 

Tiquette Bramlett

This millennial sommelier and consultant made her debut on Instagram with her #TastingThursday videos, where she would taste and learn along with her followers.

Isis Daniel

As a mentor to aspiring wine professionals on Wine Unify, Mitchell achieved success nationwide after launching Kelly Selects, a wine club partnership with online retailer Wired For Wine.

Kelly Mitchell

Her mission is to make wine, food, travel & wellness more accessible and equitable. She works as a strategic planner with E. & J. Gallo as the company’s influencer marketing manager.

Shanika Hillocks

Acclaimed by beer drinkers for both his Pilsners and IPAs, Johnson is a beer activist who works for the betterment of community youth, which he considers the most important.

Khristopher Johnson

A wine & fine dining lover, Jones runs the blog, BlackGirlsDineToo, in order to promote & support diversity & inclusion efforts for underrepresented groups in the food & wine industries.

Shakera Jones

Mitchelson co-created the nonprofit Natural Action Wine Club, which raises money and attention for educational and professional wine opportunities for BIPOC communities.

Simonne Mitchelson

Founder of Focus on Health, Paylor also works as a researcher and creator of specialty ingredients for the menu at Silver Lyan.

Lauren Paylor

This Afro-Latino woman born in Panama developed her passion for wine in Paris, where she used to live before moving to New York.

Lydia Richards

This remarkable achievement is a reflection of what it is seen within the drink industry in the US.
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