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7 English Cities And Regions to Check Out


London is an exciting city, where history and the present seamlessly intersect, and there’s no shortage of beautiful parkland, classic residences, restaurants, shops and of course pubs.

But there are definitely other English cities that are worth a day, or a few days, and here are seven of them.


Birmingham is the 2nd largest city in England & has a diverse dining scene from island cuisine to Michelin-star restaurants. Check out Deep Experience Jamaican Bar & Grill or Aunt Sally’s. 


Manchester is the third most populous city in England and is a haven for foodies and clubbers. The locals are pretty friendly, and they take their soccer, sorry, football, very seriously.


Another gorgeous northern city, York is steeped in the history of the Vikings and Ancient Rome. Around Halloween, consider a Ghost Tour, as York is said to be haunted.


Just an hour or so from London by train, you can smell Brighton’s sea air as soon as you exit the station. It’s generally a relaxed, open-minded city and doesn’t take itself too seriously.


Bath is named for its ancient Roman bathhouses, which are remarkably well-preserved. If you’re into English literature, you’ll be interested to know that Bath was once the home of Jane Austen.


Liverpool, aside from being the home of The Beatles, has some killer Caribbean restaurants like Turtle Bay, with its delicious goat curry, and Raggas, on Smithdown Road.


Its centuries old university of the same name consists of 45 colleges. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, see if you can get into Christ Church College & see what inspired The Great Hall at Hogwarts.

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