6 Of Lisbon, Portugal's Best African Restaurants To Try

The capital of Portugal is home to some of the best African restaurants around. They offer great options for African immigrants who live there & a treat for those visiting the city.

Fish, seafood, chicken, and dishes like cachupa, muamba, and fried banana found throughout the African restaurants in Lisbon.

Travel Noire has compiled some of the best African restaurants in Lisbon you should try while there. Here they are.

Cantinho do Aziz offers Mozambican cuisine, in a Tavern-style restaurant. Opened 30 years ago, Cantinho do Aziz is known for serving shrimp, samosas, crab curries and chicken swamps.

Cantinho do Aziz

This private, non-profit institution seeks to keep Cape Verdean culture alive in Lisbon.

Associação Cabo-Verdeana Restaurant

Opened in 1970, Casa is a special place for those who want to try the best of Angolan cuisine. There, the menu offers chicken moamba with funge, a white maize flour or cassava purée. 

Casa de Angola

Southern Mozambique food is Roda Viva’s specialty. Crab and shrimp curry, chicken with peanuts and other typical food from Mozambique such as makofo or matapa are very popular.

Roda Viva Restaurant

Open since 2016, Casa Mocambo is a restaurant, bar and art gallery. It celebrates the African spirit and miscegenation of different cultures of Africa.

Casa Mocambo Restaurant

Ibo is a Mozambican restaurant for those who love curry. Among other things, there’s lamb chacuti, wild prawns like Laurentina, chicken Zambeziana and even some good sirloin steaks.

Ibo Restaurant

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