7 Things To Know Before You Go To The Maldives

The Maldives is an Asian country in the Indian Ocean best known for its blue lagoons, diverse reefs, and pristine sand beaches.

If you are planning an upcoming trip, it’s extremely important to note some relevant facts:

The Maldives is the ninth smallest country in the world. The capital, Malé, is only about an hour away from Sri Lanka.

1,200 Small Islands

Only about 200 of the nearly 1,200 islands are inhabited by people and another 200 that are resort islands.

Not All of the Islands are inhabited

You ARE required to have a return trip out of the island nation as well as a valid passport that has at least six months before it expires.

You Do Not Need a Visa

The Maldives is comprised of a 100 percent Muslim population.

Islam is the Official Religion

On the local inhabited islands, public displays of affection are against the law. Also withstand from wearing overly revealing clothing when traveling to the local islands.

Strict Laws

Expect to see a surge in prices from flights to accommodations during this time. 

Peak Season is December to March

Pork and alcohol are forbidden. You cannot bring alcohol of any kind or buy alcohol on any of the local inhabited islands.

Banned Items

The Maldives?

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