This 10-Year-Old CEO Purchased An Old School Bus to Transform It Into A Food Truck

If there’s one thing we are going to do, it’s stan a young entrepreneur. Micah Idris has a business mindset already as he has launched his own business with a twist.
Micah’s Mixx is a lemonade truck made from an old school bus. The idea came about for the fifth-grader in March 2020 when his lemonade stand on the sidewalk became a hot commodity.
After his drinks became a hit, the Philadelphia-native, with the help of his mother, Danielle, managed to find an old school bus available for purchase at a private school.
With the cost of the bus sitting at $4,000, Micah and his mother started a fundraising campaign to help him not only expand his venture but get supplies needed to keep his business running. 
Despite, starting his business at 8-years-old, Micah’s Mixx really took off in 2020 thanks to donations & support from his community. Today, he offers over a dozen flavors of teas and lemonades.
“Thanks to your donations and the purchase of over 1500 bottles of lemonade I have my minibus! Now I start the hard work of raising enough funds to actually make it a food truck,”
“...My mother was hesitant to do this but we really underestimated the cost it takes to turn a bus into a food truck.”
Micah wrote in an Instagram caption.

If you want to help Micah fund his entrepreneurial dreams, head over to afrotech for more info!