Amanda Seales Reveals 7 Items She Can’t Travel Without

Comedian and actress, Amanda Seales, has been traveling in style — flying first class, staying in luxury hotels, and drinking $37 bottles of water that most would leave sitting in the hotel room. 

As someone whose job requires her to travel often, Amanda Seales has a few essentials of her own. Here are seven items Amanda Seales can’t travel without.

charcoal Mask

To combat feelings of sickness, and to keep her looking her best, Seales wears a black charcoal mask on the plane. 

Red Lipstick and Heels

She’s either glammed up in some red lipstick or pairing a tracksuit with a unique pair of heels.

Imagine telling TSA there’s a vibrator in your pocket. Someone’s going to be embarrassed but either way, Amanda Seales is always going to “flip the awkward.”


If you’re looking for fly tracksuits or jumpsuit, look no further: Amanda Seales, she’s the one.

Traveling Clothes

Seales travels with her own “hotel shoes”. She’s got slippers for the room and flip-flops for the shower.

Personal Hotel Shoes

Seales wears her own merch during her stand up gigs.

Stand-up Attire

Amanda Seales travels with candles and Hermès scarves to spruce up her hotel rooms with a little love, light, and color.

Scented Candles and Hermes Scarves

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Travel Bag?