4 Things You Can Do To Avoid Getting COVID-19 While Eating Out

After months of being closed to patrons, restaurants and bars across the U.S. are reopening and allowing foodies to dine in.. 
 Coronavirus cases are still on the rise and eating out increases your risk of contracting the disease. 

Eating at a restaurant can be a difficult task while wearing a mask and social distancing from servers and other patrons presents a challenge. 

if you do choose to dine in at your favorite spot again, there are a few things you can do to ensure you stay safe. 

Beware Of Restaurants With Fans And Air Conditioning In Small Spaces
Being in small spaces with fans or air conditioners can spread particles up to 30 ft if someone sneezes or coughsl. 
Eating out in confined spaces puts you at greater risk for contracting the virus and it’s best to choose restaurants with sufficient spacing between tables. 
Make Sure The Table Is Cleaned Before Dining
ensure the table and chairs were disinfected before you are seated. Choosing a restaurant with disposable is also a great idea. 
Don’t Worry About Being Infected From Food
.Even if your meal was contaminated with COVID-19 while being prepared, the high temperature during cooking will kill most of the virus. 
Choosing Carry-Out Is The Best Option
ordering carryout is still the safest option. This way, you can financially support restaurants you love without putting yourself and others at risk.

for even more peace of mind, Chefs and staff members handling food should be wearing masks to reduce contamination.