5 Hot Springs In The U.S. For Every Type Of Traveler

There are a variety of hot springs in the U.S. ranging from spa-like environments to a more outdoorsy feel.

Here are 5 must-see hot springs in the U.S. for every type of traveler:

These hot springs allow you to experience beautiful views of the Sierras.

Travertine Hot Springs – California

Tthis resort includes secluded pools, guided hikes, access to the hot springs and meals in your stay.

Castle Hot Springs – Arizona

Head to Riverbend Hot Springs for gorgeous views of the Rio Grande. 

Truth Or Consequences – New Mexico

Once a ghost town in the 1800s, this luxury resort includes hot springs, an outdoor pool, and a bathhouse!

Dunton Hot Springs – Colorado

The town was named Thermopolis because it houses a variety of natural hot springs.

Hot Springs State Park – Wyoming

Hot Spring?

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