Here's How To Experience Grenada Like A Local

Grenada, the Spice of the Caribbean, is an up-and-coming destination spot with something for everyone.


To really experience Grenada like a local, you need only be ready to have a good time.

Here’s What to Do:

Whether it’s the weekly Wednesday Night Bingo or a larger bingo event, one thing is certain: Grenadians love bingo.

Go on a hash: Exercise + liming = hashing. Hashers meet every Saturday for a run or walk on a set trail.

Follow your favorite live band: Popular nights for live music are Wednesday and Friday through Sunday.

Play mas’ in August at Spicemas: Thousands of Jab-Jab revelers take over the streets during J’ouvert at Spicemas.

Here’s Where to Eat: 

Held on the first Sunday of the month, the community of Mt. Moritz hosts a traditional breakfast.

Here’s Where to Eat: 

On the last Saturday of the month, “Food Fest” features a range of local dishes.

Here’s Where to Eat: 

Street Food Wednesday at True Blue Bay Resort is a great place to find Grenadian and Caribbean dishes.

What to Bring Back Home

Grenadian rum and chocolate, guava jams and jellies, and handmade accessories are great choices. 

Of course, don’t leave Grenada without your nutmeg.   


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