Naija Snack Box Delivers Authentic Nigerian And West African Staples To Your Door


Naija Snack Box is the brainchild of husband and wife Chinedu and Symantha Onyechi. Born and raised in Lagos and Houston respectively, the couple now resides in Houston.

They started their brand in October 2019 in honor of Nigeria’s Independence Day.“Naija Snack Box was created out of necessity and our love for our home, Nigeria,” said Symantha.

“We thought it would be the perfect way to introduce our favorite snacks to the USA. We wanted to also provide Nigerians with a taste of home even when we’re miles away.”

Creating their snack box happened organically. Symantha and Chinedu used their childhood nostalgia, along with many recommendations from their family members, to devise their plan.

They went to the local market in Lagos and hand selected every snack brand they wanted to see in their box and store.

The result was a box chock full of a variety of authentic Nigerian and West African staples; unique items you’re not likely to find in other snack boxes.

“Nigerian snacks are unique, as they provide a different flavor palette. Many of our snacks combine sweet and salty, or crackers with a bit of spice. We also have tasty healthy drinks...

Many of the snacks are made in Nigeria & don’t include some of the preservatives we see here in the U.S.. From fresh coconut chips to plantain chips, there is always a favorite snack to find.”

In their snack box, Symantha and Chinedu also wanted to include snacks Americans would be curious enough to try.

They’ve found their most popular snack items with both Nigerians and Americans are their plantain chips, which are made fresh and come in a variety of flavors, like onion ginger and sweet spicy chili.

Another popular item is a drink called Ribena, made from the blackcurrant berry plant. With a unique, sweet flavor, new customers are always pleasantly surprised and enjoy it a great deal.

Naija Snack Box currently ships to the US, UK, and Canada. for more details on whats included and how to get yours, click below!