Meet The Founder Of This Black-Owned Professional Retreat In Bali

Leticia Ricks is the CEO and founder of Luxotic Retreats, a Black-owned travel company focusing on professional development in some of the world’s most beautiful places.

Ricks said her retreats are for women of color trying to take their business to the next level.

What was the inspiration behind Luxotic Retreats? 

Ricks: "I started Luxotic Retreats in 2019. We host enrichment retreats, allowing entrepreneurs, influencers, and professionals to grow and develop in luxurious reset locations internationally.

My goal with Luxotic Retreats is to combat that post-travel depression by ensuring that travelers can take back more with them. I also want people to learn and connect with influencers differently. 

What’s unique about our retreat is that we have influencers and subject matter experts who will teach immersive masterclasses to our guests."

What’s your vision for
Luxotic Retreats?

Ricks: "We want people to learn and grow.

We have so many great speakers who want to help people manifest the career of their dreams."

Why did you feel this was needed for the Black community, specifically?

Ricks: "There’s so much lacking in our community, specifically for women of color. I  want to amplify and lift up women of color on their entrepreneurial endeavors." 

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