The Most Underrated Foodie Cities, According To 250 Chefs and Experts

When you think of a top foodie destination, cities in West Africa, Italy, Spain, or the Caribbean probably come to mind first. 

And while these are all great, there are other destinations that don’t get the love they deserve.

Chef’s Pencil asked 250 chefs and foodies to name the most underrated food destinations.

Respondents were allowed to name countries, cities or regions.

you’ll find some of the best food destinations in the places you least  expect.

Here are the top 10 places:

Cape Town, South Africa

It is the premier South African city for food, catering to every taste and style – haute cuisine, street foo & More.

its food has been flavored by spices from around the world – the true Mother City of the Rainbow Nation.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest received six Michelin-starred restaurants in 2020 alone, one with 2 stars.


Chitown is home to 24 Michelin restaurants, 52 Bib Gourmands & 103 awarded the Michelin Plate in 2020.

Chicago is home to Alinea, one of only 14 restaurants in the U.S. good awarded 3 Michelin stars.

Known as the culinary capital of Australia, Melbourne is a top destination among foodies.

Melbourne, Australia

the city is a multicultural melting pot where Melbournians are down for trying anything – From Chinese dumplings to Russian borsch.

This is a great eating city with exquisite haute cuisine, famed street food, and tastes from around the world.

Mexico City, Mexico

From tacos to tortas and tamales, chilangos, machetes, dorilocos –   there’s so much flavor on every corner

It may be small in size, but the food scene in San Sebastian rivals Chicago.

San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian has three 3 Michelin-starred restaurants and to be frank: it’s a place that’s known for its food.

Bergen thrives on organic, sustainable food production, with 3,000 farmers and 200 artisans supplying a city of little over 270,000 people.

Bergen, Norway

Hong Kong’s street food is world-famous but did you know the city boasts a seven 3 Michelin-starred restaurants?

Hong Kong, China

new things happening in montreal require some attention from food lovers. 

Montreal, Canada


From fine dining to street food and, of course, pizza, Napoli is a foodie dream come true.

Napoli, Italy

There are 4 Michelin-starred restaurants, bakeries, and one of the 10 best cafes in Italy.

take some time out to add these hidden gems to your bucket list!

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