5 Spots To Check Out The Afro-Portuguese Music Scene in Lisbon

Over the past few years, Lisbon, has seen a vibrant explosion in its Afro-Portuguese music scene.

Influenced by Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique beats, Lisbon’ clubs and underground venues have attracted both music fans and musicians from around the world.

Travel Noire has rounded-up five places where you can enjoy Afro-Portuguese music when visiting Lisbon.

The Docks Club

The Docks Club has existed for many years, and has always been successful. It is a perfect place to dance to African music genres such as Kizomba, samba or African-house.

The Barrio Latino

The Barrio Latino has recently moved to the docks of Santos. This nightclub is the place to be if you want to dance to kizomba, salsa, or other Afro-Latin music.


The most popular African club in Lisbon, it is the place to listen and dance to artists from Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique and other countries from the African continent.


Located in Graça neighborhood, Damas is a club, restaurant and live music venue replacing a former bakery.

Lux Fragil

Since 1998, Portugal’s most internationally renowned venue has presented weekly events, where Afro-Portuguese music has great popularity among its fans.

Afro-Portguese music has also become a key for parties that are showcasing electronic music influenced by zouk, kuduro, kizomba and funaná.