Solo Road Tripping Through The East Coast: What You Should Know

A survey found that 61% of respondents prefer to travel alone vs. 48% who would travel with friends?

The East Coast offers a great road trip for people looking for a variety of scenery.

If you’re planning a road-trip adventure on the East Coast, here are some things you should consider:

Prepare for unpredictable weather. Have your brakes, tires, lights, battery, and fluids fully inspected.

Safety First: Car Inspections

Share your plans, accommodations, and the routes you plan to travel. Check-in with your person of contact as you reach each destination.

Communicate Your Plans

Purchase backup batteries, chargers, and a physical road map as a backup just in case you wind up in a dead spot.

Have Technology and Battery Backups

Kits should include jumper cables, a flashlight, flares, first aid supplies, tools and nonperishable snacks and water.

Pack An Emergency Car Kit

Stock up on music, audiobooks, and podcasts to entertain you while in traffic.

Stock Up On Entertainment

Know the laws in each state you are visiting. Some states allow you to stay overnight at rest stops and others do not.

Know the Laws

Don’t overdo it. Take frequent breaks from driving and get an adequate amount of rest.

Take Breaks

Solo Trip?

Ready for your East Coast