Should You Create A Travel Fund With Your Friends?

Group trips are a great way to see the world, but money is often one of the main reasons why they fall through. 

Keep these in mind if you want to consider pooling your funds for a group trip.

Convos about money aren't easy, but for a group travel fund to work, everyone must be transparent about how much they can contribute & when they'll have the funds. 

Be Honest About Expectations

Put Someone In Charge Of The Funds That Everyone Will Trust

Once everyone commits to going on the trip and saving money together, elect one person to oversee the funds that everyone trusts. 

Require a deposit from everyone by a non-negotiable deadline, and you’ll see who is likely to back out. 

Give Your Friends Tough Love

The more strict you are in the beginning, even with the friends you adore the most, the better off you’ll be come trip time.

The more you can contribute money as a team, the more invested everyone will be in watching the travel fund grow.

Make Saving Money A Group Activity

If you have your heart set on going on a group trip, don’t let money stop you and your friends from planning the best vacation ever. 

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