But You Should


How much do you know about Black history in Russia, Peru and China? Chances are most people don’t know very much, and that’s understandable. We aren’t taught these things. 

What’s more, when we do speak about black history, we tend to exclude narratives from many countries across the diaspora, and by extension the Black communities in those countries. 

Freedom Is Mine is a platform that amplifies Black and Afrodescendant narratives from across the diaspora, from Italy to South Korea. 

We have so much global history that isn’t taught to us in school, and there are even some people who claim that Black people have no history.

So let’s set the record straight and delve into a few countries that you don’t associate with Black history, but you should.

There are an estimated 25,000 Afro-Bolivians today. They are largely concentrated in the Los Yungas region of Bolivia.


Every September is celebrated as Afro-Bolivian heritage month, and in particular, September 23rd is ‘Afro-Bolivian Day.’

The Afro-Indian population are known as the Sidis, and there are estimated to be about 70,000 Sidi in India today. Regions with high Afrodescendant populations include Karnataka and Gujarat. 


Out of a population of 144 million, only 100,000 Russians are estimated to be of African descent. That’s less than 1%. They are mainly concentrated in major cities such as Moscow & St Petersburg


What do we think of when we think of Peru? Llamas, Incas and Machu Picchu, but, we don’t think of Black people, which is ironic because the Peruvian football team has a lot of melanin.


Did you know that Denmark was the seventh-largest trading nation during the Transatlantic Slave Trade? It had three colonial territories in the Caribbean: St Croix, St John and St Thomas.


There has been an African presence in China since the 7th century. During the Tang dynasty, Arab traders trafficked enslaved Africans to China, and they were referred to as ‘Kunlun’. 


As trade between Africa and China developed, a number of African commodities were imported to China, including ivory, tortoise shell and frankincense. 

Did you know that Afro-Venezuelans played an important role it’s fight for independence? Today there are over 1,000,000 Afro-Venezuelans. The largest population can be found in Barlovento.


According to the 2010 census the Afro-Argentine population is less than 150,000, while other sources claim there are as many as two million Afrodescendant people in Argentina today.


The Afro-Turkish population today is estimated to number up to 25,000 people. They are largely descended from enslaved Africans brought to Turkey during the Ottoman Empire.


There are an estimated 1.5 million Afro-Iraqis in Iraq today, making up 5% of the population. They are mostly concentrated in the south with the largest population in the Zubeir district of Basra.


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