Democratic Republic Of Congo:

The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the largest countries in Africa bordering nine countries. It’s also a country whose minerals play a critical role in the world’s economy. 

Here are five facts to know about the central African country.

Congo is the driving force behind electric cars, which uses cobalt to power vehicles & mobile phones. It’s believed to have more than half of the world’s cobalt supply.

The leading producer of cobalt 

The Democratic Republic of Congo is believed to have more than half of the world’s supply of cobalt in addition to other minerals like diamonds, gold, copper, tantalum, tungsten, and tin.

Virunga National Park is home to over one thousand species of mammals, birds, reptiles & amphibians, including one-third of the world’s wild mountain gorillas.

Africa’s oldest national park is in Congo

With a population of approximately 105M, DR Congo is the 3rd most populous country in Africa after Nigeria & Ethiopia & the 14th most populous in the world.

It’s the 2nd-largest country in Africa

The dressing accompanies everything from fish to fried plantains, manioc, or salad. Locals typically mix mayo with their hot chilli pepper sauce known as piri piri.

Mayo is a very popular condiment

Brazzaville, the capital of Congo is less than a mile apart from DRC’s capital, Kinshasa making them the closest capital cities in the world. 

Kinshasa & Brazzaville are the world’s closest capitals

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