Here Are Some U.S. Cities Where Rent Is Actually Decreasing

The rental market has taken a plunge due to the pandemic. 

The market of rent is actually down 25% in some major metro cities, leaving the possibilities open to move somewhere new.

San Francisco is named as the most expensive city to hold residence in the U.S. and its home to some of the largest tech companies in the world.

San Francisco

Studios & 1 bedroom apartments usually range at $1,700, but is currently down nearly 22%.

Proclaimed as the “best city in the world” by many has seen a recent plummet in the rental market. 

New York City

In the first 6 months of the pandemic, the borough of Manhattan had 15,025 vacant apartments & rent has decreased up to 15%.

While people usually flock to Seattle to enjoy all of the outdoor activities, sporting events, and music festivals, all of that has come to a halt.


Many new residents have returned back to their hometowns. This city still has a ton to offer and with a decrease of 14% in rent prices.

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