Cali Rapper Blxst Shares His Favorite Los Angeles Hangouts In Apple Maps

There’s no place like home, even when you’re a rapper on the rise like Los Angeles-born Blxst (pronounced blast). 

The South LA artist is going places Blxst hasn’t forgotten where he came from. He partnered with Apple to launch a new Guide to LA in Apple Maps featuring his personal favorite haunts around the city.

From Black-owned family restaurants to vegan hot spots and a tattoo parlor, here’s Blxst’s Los Angeles. 

This is a dope park in LA where it don’t cost to come here to work out. So, if you wanna get your reps in or your little run in, you can do that at no cost.

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area

My favorite thing about this place, though, is the patties; the cabbage patties and the spinach patties, so make sure you get that. Tell ’em Blxst sent you.

Simply Wholesome

You can get your jewelry here, you can get a tattoo here, you can get your clothes here, your shoes. I remember my mom used to give us like $200, we used to go school shopping here.

Slauson Super Mall

They have regular food options here, but they also have vegan food options. My favorite thing to get here is the vegan chili cheese fries. It’s my version of vegan junk food.


We used to come here all the time, even not just to shop, just to talk to girls and have fun, but you know um, come here on Fridays to get fly for that weekend.

Westfield Culver City

I’m just blessed to be here. It’s a monumental spot in LA to get fly, so, gotta be a part of it, absolutely.


Most vegan spots aren’t fully established restaurants, so I always make sure I come here when I’m feeling spicy and I wanna go out for a good night.

Crossroads Kitchen

This spot means something to me because I just like how they came ground up. I feel like that represents my brand as well; my Eagle brand. I love the quality work here. 

Enigma Tattoo LLC

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