7 Black-Owned Grocery Stores In The U.S. Providing Access To Healthy Food In Black Communities

Many Black and minority neighborhoods lack fresh produce and healthy options in close proximity. 

Access to affordable, healthy options is necessary to help combat health issues that primarily affect the Black community.

Although there aren’t an abundance of U.S. Black-owned grocery stores, here are 7 we should support and shop with.

Owner, Eugene Bennette, prides himself on encouraging healthy eating and diabetes education.

Grocery Outlet – Compton, CA

This West Chicago grocery store is helping fight food inequality in Black neighborhoods. 

Forty Acres Fresh Market – Chicago, Il

Although based in Chicago, you can order groceries online to be delivered to your door.

Ojaexpress – Chicago, Il

You can find a wide variety of ethnic foods such as African, Asian, Indian, Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Latin.

All of the produce sold at Cleo’s is grown locally by Flanner House. There is also a cafe to get a delicious meal. 

Cleo’s Bodega Grocery – Indianapolis

Modalandhas a wide variety of African and Caribbean products as well as clothing and handbags.

Modaland Market Place – Las Vegas, NV

Owner Arnett Woodall is passionate about bringing fresh and affordable food to Black communities.

West Phillie Produce – Philadelphia, PA

He hires youth from the neighborhood to work while teaching them the basics of running a store.

This Black woman-owned grocery store offers natural foods as well as health and wellness products. 

Buy Better Foods – Brooklyn, NY

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