Here Are The Best Black Travel Groups To Follow On Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a new voice chat-based social media that is making noise for its access to information.

From building a brand to learning how to invest, Clubhouse is a platform where users can participate in different chatrooms on various topics, including travel.

Here are some of the best rooms for Black travelers:

Black & Abroad

If you’re interested in becoming an expat, members in Black & Abroad provide tons of insight on living abroad.

Black Travel Club

The Black Travel Club allows people to build their influence, learn to plan group trips, share crazy travel stories, exchange your favorite travel stories & exchange tips for travel.

The Roaming Republic

The Roaming Republic is a great group to meet people, learn about destinations, & enjoy funny travel stories for avid travelers and aspiring travelers.

More About Clubhouse

Clubhouse is currently in its beta phase, so it’s not available for the public just yet. It’s invite only for IOS users.

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