11 Black Private Chefs From The Deep South

Black chefs are dramatically underrepresented in management and executive chef positions— especially as private chefs.

The next time you’re in one of these southern cities, book one of these chefs.

Dwyane Wade’s private chef, Chef RLI and his team, masters blending flavor and nutrition into beautiful and accessible dishes. 

Richard Ingraham

Miami, FL

Chef Rayne is a multi-cuisine, travel chef out of Port Miami. She provides full services for short-term and long-term travel engagements.

Charayne Stubbs 

Miami, FL

Chef Ta-Ta, aka “The Dopest Chef,” fuses the cuisines of New Orleans and the South with modernist technique and expert plating. 

Ta-Tanisha Snead 

Atlanta, GA

Chef Jourdan specializes in “Food Rehabilitation” (clean eating, juicing, and raw foods.) Her clients include Diddy, Floyd Mayweather, and Tyler Perry. 

Jourdan Cha‘Taun

Atlanta, GA

Specializing in both culinary and pastry arts, Chef Gabrielle is a YouTube  favorite. Her eye for design turns meals into a true and extraordinary experiences.

Gabrielle McBay

Dallas, TX

Chef India’s brand of designer culinary services are marked by her ability to merge classic, seasonal ingredients with culturally exotic twists. 

India Johnson

Atlanta, GA

Chef Raz’s unique modernization of Southern and Soul food is representative of the “New Atlanta.” This Southern Belle possesses “grandma hands.”

Razia Sabour

Atlanta, GA

A self-taught veteran, Chef Kevin’s culinary style is heavily influenced by his international travels. He’s known for his use of colorful and seasonal ingredients. 

Kevin Johnson


Voted the #1 personal chef in Miami, Chef Cal is known for bringing his unique brand of culinary fun to each and every event he’s apart of.

Calvin Smith 

Miami, FL

Chef Gason— two-time James Beard scholar— is known for his attention to detail and delicious flavor combinations.

Gason Nelson

New Orleans, LA

Baton Rouge native Chef O’s culinary style is refined, high-end, and overflowing with flavors from the bayou.

Otis Dickerson |

Baton Rouge – New Orleans, LA

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